Pro Tools HD:
Pro Tools HD 10 and 11: 24 Track Recording
Digidesign Control 24 Digital Mixing Console
Avid HDX 16×16 I/O
Digidesign 192 I/O

Recording Rooms:
Studio Control Room
Live Room 18×18
5 Isolation Rooms

Mackie HR284’s
Yamaha NS-10’s
Velodyne DLS-R Series Sub

Microphone Collection:
2 Neumann TLM 103’s
2 AKG 414’s
Blue Bird Large Diaphragm Condenser

MXL V69 Tube Large Diaphragm Condenser
MXL 4000 Large Diaphragm Microphone
Sterling Audio ST 55 FET Condenser
Sterling Audio ST 77 FET Condenser
AKG D112
3 GLS Audio ES-58’s
4 Shure SM-58’s
10 Shure SM-57’s
2 Shure SM-81 Condensers
Digital Reference DR-VX1
Shure 588SB Dynamic
Audio Technica 350 D
Sennheiser MD 409 N
2 Audio Technica ATM63HE Dynamic’s
2 Audix SCX-One’s
2 Audix ADX-50’s
2 Audix D1 drum mics
4 Audix D2 drum mics
2 Audix D3 drum mics
Audix D4 drum mic
2 Audix D6 kick drum mics 

Groovetubes GT55 Class A FET Condenser
Oktava MKL 2500 Tube Condenser
3 Joe Meek JM47 Meekrophone Condensers
2 Audio Technica AT 3035’s
2 AKG C-1000’s
2 Rode NT5 Condensers
5 Sennheiser 421’s
2 Shure Beta 52’s
2 AKG D 65 S’s
2 Oktava MK-012-01 Condensers
Audix i5
Audio Technica PR325
Shure AR101
Radio Shack 33-1070C
AKG D 3700
Shure BG 1.0
Shure SM-7

Outboard Gear:
2 Vintech X73i preamps with EQ
Universal Audio 710 Tube Preamp
Millennia HV-3D 8 Channel Preamp
Millennia Media HV-3B Stereo Preamp
Universal Audio 2-1176 Twin Vintage Limiting Amplifier
Presonus MP20 Stereo Preamp
Furman Sound RV-1 Analog Reverb
Line 6 Guitar Pod / Direct Box
2 TL Audio Dual Valve Tube Pre / Compressors
16 Focusrite Class A Preamps
Master Room XL-305 Stereo Analog Reverb
Line 6 Bass Pod Pro and Guitar Pod
Electrix MO-FX Time Synchronized Stereo FX
PAiA Project Tube Microphone Preamp
Aphex 230 Master Voice Channel
Denon DN-720R Stereo Cassette Tape Deck

Peavey Classic Chorus 130
Fender Blues Junior Guitar Amp
Peavey Classic Tweed Guitar Amp
SWR SM-500 Watt Bass Head
Bassman 15″ Combo Amplifier/Speaker
Crate GX-15R
Esteban G-10

Guitars & Basses:
1968 Fender VI Electric Bass
1978 Guild SG Electric Guitar
Fender Stratocaster Electric Guitar
Fender Squire II 4 String Precision Bass
Fender Squire 5 String Bass
Esteban American Legacy Midnight Steal String Acoustic/Electric Guitar
Yamaha G-235 Classical Acoustic Guitar
Oscar Schmidt Washburn Aloha Ukelele
Gibson Epiphone Electric Guitar
Fender Squire Bullet Electric Guitar
Carvin Jim Reitzel 5 String Bass
Ibanez Sound Gear 4 String Bass
Yamaha APX-4A Steal String Acoustic
Yamaha C-40 Classical Acoustic
Esteban Steal String Acoustic

Keyboards & Synths:
Hammond B3 Organ with Leslie speaker
Rhodes Mark I Electric Stage Piano 1973
Yamaha Motif 6
Sequintial Circuits Prophet 5
Yamaha CS-5 Synthesizer
Roland SPD-20 Total Percussion Pad
Roland V-Drum KD-120 Kick Drum
Roland V-Drum PD-80R Drum Pad
Yamaha PSR-260
Yamaha PSR-185

Drums Kits & Percussions:
DW 4 Piece Kit with Maple Shells & DW Stands
Tama Granstar 5 Piece Kit with DW Stands
3 LP Galaxy Giovanni Series Wood Congas
3 LP Classic Model Wood Congas (Tan)
3 LP Classic Model Wood Congas (White)
4 Remo Pancho Sanchez Model Congas
LP Tito Puente Model Timbales
Extensive collection of hand drums tambourines shakers & bells
Brazilian Percussion / African Percussion
Various Snare Drums by Pearl Pacific & Remo
Backline Percussion Rentals are available

Wireless Internet Access
Full Kitchen and Bar Counter
Bathroom with Shower
Outdoor Courtyard with BBQ

  • Full Service Recording Studio

    Music production, mixing, and mastering. Moondog Studios has one of the best sounding live rooms in the Bay Area and we invite you to check it out for yourself. Contact us for a studio tour.